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Discover MYLE vape online: Your Ultimate Vaping Destination in Vapor Store UAE with Competitive Vape Prices

Introducing the Myle V5 Meta Pod System kit, the latest addition to the Myle Vape family, available at a competitive Vape Price in Vapor Store UAE. This state-of-the-art pod system offers an exceptional vaping experience with a range of advanced features that set it apart from other vaping devices on the market.

Get ready to experience the ultimate vaping experience with the Myle V5 Pod Kit! This revolutionary device boasts a sleek and stylish design, a powerful 380 mAh Battery with a life indicator, and a long-lasting pod cartridge. What's even better is that you can find this Myle Vape product at a great Vape Price in Vapor Store UAE.

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  4. Sleek and Stylish Design: The design of the Myle V5 appeals to users looking for a stylish and elegant vaping device.

  5. Long-lasting Pod Cartridge: Mention the longevity of the pod cartridge, which can help users save on replacement costs.

  6. User-Friendly Features: Describe the user-friendly features like the draw-activated system and adjustable wattage settings, ensuring this content is informative and helpful.

  7. Battery Life Indicator: Explain how the life indicator keeps users informed about the battery status, adding to the convenience of the device.

  8. Customizable Vaping Experience: Highlight how users can tailor their vaping experience with the Myle V5 Pod Kit, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers.

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MYLE V5 META KIT is Available to order Online from Vapor Store UAE with a unique Delivery service in UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Sharjah, Ruwais


  • Be sure to remove the rubber stoppers from the top & bottom of the Pods before inserting them into your Device.
  • V5 Device ONLY compatible with V5 Pod.


  • LCD Screen: LCD digital Screen
  • Tracker: Puffs count tracker
  • Battery: 380 mAh Battery with life indicator
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • Vibration Upon Connection
  • Type C Charger
  • Rechargeable: Yes

Kit includes:

  • 1x Rechargeable Myle V5 Basic Kit
  • 1x Type C charger
  • 1x User manual

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