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VGOD - Purple Bomb

Paddling down the Concord River under the light of a full purple moon on a warm summer night, you lean back, put your feet up and fill your tank with VGOD’s Purple Bomb E-Juice. From inhale to exhale, Purple Bomb lends the essence of fresh Concord purple grape juice bursting with extra sweetness from an added grape candy mix. Every pull of VGOD’s Purple Bomb is bursting full of sweet dark grape juice that reinvigorates and psyches you up every time to keep you paddling down the river.

Paddling down the scenic Concord River beneath a radiant full purple moon on a warm summer night is a dreamlike experience. As you lean back, relax, and enjoy the tranquil surroundings, you reach for VGOD's Purple Bomb E-Juice to enhance the moment. From inhale to exhale, Purple Bomb offers the essence of freshly squeezed Concord purple grape juice, elevated by an enticing grape candy mix. Each draw of VGOD's Purple Bomb is a burst of sweet, dark grape juice that revitalizes and elevates your adventure down the river. Explore the delightful combination of natural sweetness and candy-inspired flavors while creating unforgettable summer memories. VGOD's Purple Bomb E-Juice is the perfect companion for your nighttime river escapades under the enchanting purple moon.

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